Training Walks

Walks for just your dog.

On these walks, your dog will learn to walk without pulling, respond to commands such as sit, wait and leave it, as well as to re-focus their attention on there walker when exposed to stimuli that they would usually react to. (dogs, cats, skateboards, etc.)

30 min....$35

60 min...$65

Overnight Petsitting

Dinner between 6 and 8 pm and 11pm-7am in-home supervision and care for you pets!

We will feed your loved ones, cuddle them, play fetch and tug and tuck them in for the night.


$5 per additional pet

*Additional fees may be accessed for complicated routines and medications

Drop-In Care Visits

For dogs, cats, rabbits or other small animals.

Can include medication administration

(Additional fees may be assessed)

30 min... $30

60 min...$50

+$5 each additional pet



Weekend & Holiday Fees

$10 per day on Fridays, Saturdays and Holidays (Bank holidays)

Positive Reinforcement Trainning Sessions

These sessions are focused on creating a customized plan for the humans and their dog, to be worked on over a period of time. Pricing varies.  Starting $90\hr






All Services Preceded by A Free Meet & Greet! Schedule yours today! **